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Identification Solutions UK has been involved in the design, manufacture and development of alpha-numeric labelling systems for the quick and easy identification of products and areas. After many years of experience Identification Solutions UK can now offer a complete range of products from label holders, ticket holders, Anti-Slip Tape, Shelf Labels, Floor Signs, Magnetic Sheets, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Tape Roll, Footprint Stickers, Floor Stickers, Door Stickers, Glass Door Stickers, Adhesive Magnets, Magnetic Pins, Non Slip Tape, Ring Binder, Signage, Warning Tape, to many more. We also offer various services that cover all aspects of labelling and identification such as adhesive letters, aisle markers, id labels, barcode labels… We guarantee to find your warehouse an identification solution.


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Identification Solutions UK is the complete supplier of warehouse identification and label products for the warehouse, distribution centre office or computer room. Managing a modern warehouse means barcode labels and other identification signs need to be clear and precise. That way they can be understood by all concerned.


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Here at Identification Solutions UK, we pride ourselves in being Europe’s leading supplier of Warehouse label holders, ticket holders and rack identification solutions. It is our aim to supply you with quality, cost effective solutions to meet your individual warehouse requirements.


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